Online Marketing and Sales Project

For improving the business of SAF microenterprises, SAF has linked 150 micro enterprises of different categories to social medias. Registration, license, product quality, packing, product label, design and storage in all units are ensured. QR code google mapping are introduced in the units for the online sales.

For the promotion of products through online marketing the process of making of digital adds, posters, short videos are progressing. The product delivery system has been upgraded with the services of delivery partner/home delivery for getting maximum reach to the products. This initiative has in turn increased the unit sales volume.

For ensuring a sustainable growth in this system, development of e-Commerce website and mobile application are in progress. The existing microenterprises were categorized under federations like Fish and Fish Processing, Food and Food Processing, Textiles and Garments, Supermarket and Retail Stores, Service and Others.

Highlights of the project :

  • Primary phase in introducing a e-Marketing system of SAF.
  • Supported 570 SAF units in introducing online marketing and sales system to tide over the pandemic crisis.
  • Introduced QR code and google mapping for online sales.
  • Ensured registration, license, product quality, packing, product label, design, storage in all units.
  • Upgraded product delivery system through delivery partners/home delivery.
  • Increase in unit sales volume after the social media linkage.