Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF) in association with Co-operation Department is implementing Snehatheeram project- a micro credit scheme to fisherwomen through Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS). A co-operative society will sanction a Maximum of Rs.10 lakhs. The Project includes process of beneficiary selection and formation of micro units with 2-5 members. The bank loan to micro units will be at a low interest rate and the group can re-lend the amount.

Objectives of the Snehatheeram Micro Credit Scheme:

  • To establish a suitable mechanism so that the beneficiary would be able to access institutional credit and prevent the exploitations by private money lenders.
  • To offer small loans to the people of Kerala at the cost of meagre interest rates.
  • To assist people and help them to avoid availing loans from private financiers who charge exorbitantly high-interest rates.