Community wellness interventions

This component aims at the holistic development of fisherwomen through, medical/awareness camps, mental health clinics and also by offering financial support to the beneficiaries suffering from serious illness, either for treatment or towards the purchase of required medicine. The fisherwomen are susceptible to many occupational health problems. It is envisaged to provide healthcare in Indian System of Medicine (Ayurveda) as well as Modern System of Medicine. SAF has conducted many medical camps in the past years and witnessed wide acceptance from the coastal community. SAF also offer financial healthcare support to SAF beneficiaries who are suffering from serious illness. Such beneficiaries will be given a maximum of Rs. 20000/- towards the purchase of required medicine certified by the competent medical practitioner and on the basis of recommendation from district nodal officer, SAF. Understanding the drastic increase in psychological stress, SAF has initiated mental wellness clinics to address the psychological needs of fisherwomen beneficiaries through counselling sessions and OP services at their door step.